Rainbow Serpent Festival Lineup Calendars

Rainbow Serpent Festival have kindly produced a PDF of the lineup for the main stages…. for the nerdy amongst us I have converted this into separate iCal calendars that you can add to your iPhone/Android/whatever mobile ‘thing’.

If previous years are anything to go by, the Market stage will be running late, and there will probably be last minute changes that you won’t know about until its too late. But isn’t seeing someone you don’t know half the fun? Gotta love the randomness! I’ve also likely made mistakes in transcription, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! I will try and correct any errors if I find them.

Click the links for the iCal files (Apple Calendar etc.) or ‘+’ button below to add it to your google calendar.

Chill Stage Calendar
Main Stage Calendar
Market Stage Calendar
Playground Stage Calendar
Sunset Stage Calendar

All together… a bit of a mess. Google Calendar has bad formatting…

Separately they look a little more readable…